Genre A-G

PLEASE READ: This list is provided to assist writers in identifying the publications in this project by genre. As with any attempt to do this, the organizers occasionally find themselves trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Users should use this list as a guideline to appropriate resources for their work, but should not rely strictly on these classifications. Reading the publication guidelines and a few previously published works is still the best way to understand what an editor is looking for. Scroll down the alphabetical list in the right-hand column for links to the publications.

  • Air in the Paragraph
  • Smories
  • Underneath the Juniper Tree
  • Arte Publico Press (bks)
Creative Nonfiction
  • Calidum
  • Crossways
  • Dream of Things
  • Houston & Nomadic Voices Magazine
  • Left Hand Waving
  • Manic D Press (bks)
  • Red Fez
  • Squarlorly
  • A Twist of Noir
  • All Due Respect
  • Blaft Publications
  • Crime Wave Press
  • Down and Out: The Magazine
  • Grift
  • Mysterical-E
  • Noir Nation
  • Pulp Modern
  • Spinetingler
  • Story and Grit
  • Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chiller
  • Bete Noir
  • Black Car Publishing (bks)
  • Black Petals
  • MuseItUp Publishing (bks)
  • The Cavalcade of Terror
  • The Red Asylum
  • Underground Voices

  • A cappella Zoo
  • A-Minor Magazine
  • Air in the Paragraph
  • Bewildering Stories
  • Blaft Publications
  • Blue Lake Review
  • Brave New Word
  • Hypnopomp Magazine
  • Lightning Key Review
  • Siren
  • Tallow Eider Quarterly
  • TheNewerYork!


  • Phantom Drift

  • Albedo One
  • Allegory
  • Blue Leaf Publications (bks)
  • ChiZine Publications (bks)
  • Eirelander Publishing (bks)
  • Electric Spec
  • Fiction Vortex
  • Indigo Rising Magazine
  • Kazka Press
  • Liquid Imagination
  • Lissette's Tales of Imagination
  • microcosms
  • Morpheus Tales
  • MuseItUp Publishing (bks)
  • New Dead Families
  • New Myths
  • Nightblade Fantasy and Horror Magazine
  • Orson Scot Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show
  • Silver Blade
  • Yesteryear Fiction

Graphic Novels
  • Blaft Publications (bks)

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