Thursday, September 27, 2012

October Schedule

Below is the schedule for October 2012.

10/02—Six Questions for Indira Chandrasekhar, Founding Editor, Out of Print Magazine
10/05—Six Questions for Simon Jacobs, Editor, Safety Pin Review
10/09—Six Questions for Sandra Allen, Managing and Essays Editor, Wag's Revue
10/12—Six Questions for Scott Bryson, Editor-in-Chief, The Broken City
10/16—Six Questions for Matthew Guerruckey, Editor-in-Chief, Drunk Monkeys
10/19—Six Questions for Richard Flores IV, Editor-in-Chief, Plasma Frequency Magazine
10/23—Six Questions for Michael J. Mattson, Executive Editor, The Hellroaring Review
10/26—Six Questions for David Svenson, Founder & Editor, The New Poet
10/30—Six Questions for Andrew Lipstein, Editor, Thick Jam

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