Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Six Questions For Jeremiah Walton, Editor, Nostrovia! Poetry

Nostrovia Poetry publishes poetry that demonstrates passionate living and creativity. Learn more here.

SQF: Nostrovia! Poetry is being restructured. What is different this time around and where can poets find the new N!P?

Jeremiah Walton: Nostrovia! Poetry is being destroyed like the victim of drunk plastic surgeon. The victim then goes through the process of revitalizing himself with therapy and much help from the community of poets around him, the victim springs up and begins publishing like a mad man who stares at a computer screen for 12+ hour sessions, barely sleeps, and is constantly writing poetry and finding poetry in weird places.

The entire aim of Nostrovia! Poetry is to promote passionate living, creativity and expression, freedom of speech, and living over making a living.

All publications will be made available free online, and print publications are distributed through my travels, tours, and a mobile bookstore UndergroundBooks and Nostrovia! Poetry are teaming up to open.

SQF: You’re also creating a new publication, “Fuck Art. Let’s Dance.” How does this publication differ from N!P?

JW: “Fuck art, let's dance" - Lawrence Ferlinghetti

FALD is an ezine published directly on Nostrovia! Poetry's site. The zine publishes art and poetry of all medians, from videos to audio recordings.

SQF: Since starting Nostrovia Poetry, what have your learned about editing and writing?

JW: Don't bite off more than you can chew, which I learned this past November when I regained consistent internet and computer access. I then began ravenously devouring every opportunity, and am now in the process of chewing, months later, managing W.I.S.H. Publishing, The Traveling Poet, Nostrovia! Poetry, working for UndergroundBooks, along with my personal publications, Gatsby's Abandoned Children, and video poems, and maintaining a campaign to Save Poets' Hall.

There's now a solid team backing Nostrovia! Poetry, opening up a lot of new opportunities for its development.

SQF: Can you provide us with a brief example of the kind of poems you hope to publish in the new N!P?

A poem written from the perspective of a dragon
A poem from the perspective of a dream
A poem from the perspective of someone playing pretend so hard it becomes real
(All my ghost ships are real and the stars glued to the ceiling are more radiant than any constellation)
A poem from the perspective of Twitter about the hairless apes squawking
A poem from the perspective of a noose that doesn't want to be tied, doesn't want blood, but knows its purpose
A poem written by a drunk text message to the wrong number
A poem from the perspective of a mute vegetable with the knowledge there's a bomb coming
A poem written from the perspective of a pacifist gun at a school shooting
A poem written from the perspective of the moon during the sloppy American kiss
A poem from the perspective of a hilarious super nova
A poem from the perspective of the sun when the earth is clotting instantly in his fingers
A poem written from the perspective of a wound
A poem written from the perspective of nothing wining to be a wound.
A poem written from the perspective of what humans evolve into a couple million years from now
A poem written from the perspective of the chair a girl was chained to for 12 years
A poem written from the perspective of the blank wall in front of her
A poem written from the perspective of her ears when she heard her neighbor's ignorant piano

SQF: Will you publish poems posted on a personal blog or website?

JW: Of course! If the submitter owns the piece's rights, then we are happy to review it for publication.

SQF: What one question on this topic do you wish I'd asked that I didn't? And how would you answer it?

JW: What do you believe in?

Promote passionate living and creating for self through poetry.

We aim to broaden the poetic community, especially to the youth. They are the next step.

We love 21st century poets. We want to see poets who write for today.

Other people's ideas of poetry don't fit with what we want to do, and we're going to do some beautifully weird things.

The virus is silence, we must be loud.

This is much bigger than us. The only way this can be successful is looking at the whole and saying, "we are working for something far more important than just us".

There are days success simply means not giving up. Poets, don't give up.

Free education

Promote living vs making a living. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? GO DO THAT! Death is on the heels of all of us, give him a damn good run for his money.

Establishing poets within new publishing medians for literature, such as videos and image macros

Thank you, Jeremiah. We all appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to participate in this project.

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