Saturday, August 25, 2012

September Schedule

Below is the schedule of posts for September. Please share this with your writing friends. 

9/04—Six Questions for Dixon Palmer, Editor, Short-Story.Me
9/07—Six Questions for Lindsay Dubler, Editor-in-Chief, The Abstract Quill
9/11—Six Questions for Eddie Vega, Editor-in-Chief, Noir Nation
9/14—Six Questions from James Penha, Editor, The New Verse News
9/18—Six Questions for Nathan Rosen, Editor, MicroHorror
9/21—Six Questions for RW Spryszak, Editor, Thrice Fiction
9/25—Six Questions for Justis Mills, Editor, First Stop Fiction
9/28— Six Questions for Devon Robbins, Editor, Downer Magazine

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  1. So happy you're back posting! Thanks for all of these, they are incredibly helpful.